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7 Feb

Looking for Rooms to Rent Manchester?

Manchester is one of the more attractive cities in the UK to live in, and this can be seen in a large number of immigrants in the city. The cultural vibrancy of the city and social life is a pull to both native Britons and immigrants. As such, getting good and affordable rooms to rent is getting more difficult each year. If you are new to the city, the search for accommodation can be a bit intimidating. But it is possible to get decent rooms to rent Manchester with a proven methodology.

What type of rooms do you want?

Do you need a single room, flat share or whole apartment? This should be guided by your budget and other concerns such as family, or expected guests. There is a huge variety of accommodation in Manchester if you can match the rent.

The next question would be, where do you want to rent? This depends on your place of work or study. The trick is getting the right balance between an easy commute, and the rent costs. You might go for really affordable rooms, but then have these advantages invalidated by a hectic commute or crime in the area.

There is a handy mapping tool provided by the Office of National Statistics that can help you find out more about different neighbourhoods, including ease of commute and social amenities.

Use web listings

Web listings are to be approached with caution, simply because there are too many cons cashing in on increased demand for accommodation. There are trusted sites like Spare room, and Easy roommate. Sites that are more of general classifieds have many dubious listings.

But the truth is that you will sometimes find real gems in the listings. If you have the time and energy to spare, note about 7 listings, and make a point of visiting each of these places before making your choice. Watch out for signs of cons like being asked for an upfront deposit before viewing the rooms.

Ask the right questions

As much as you are in a hurry to get the rooms to rent Manchester do not overlook some important information.  Who is in charge of the property? How much is the tenancy deposit, and how long does the refund take after moving out? In case you are taking up shared accommodations, how are the bills to be shared out?

Lastly, you should scrutinize the tenancy agreement, to see how much liability it places on you.  Sign it only if you are comfortable with the terms and conditions.