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14 Feb

Tips for Solid Investments in Real Estates in the UK 2018

Investments in real estates in UK have continued to command considerable attention both in the UK and across the world, for the simple reason that this is a resilient market with property in some of the world’s fastest growing and popular cities. This attractiveness has pushed up the competition for prime properties, which promise good returns in the medium to long-term. If you are looking to start investing in real estate, or expand your portfolio, here are some tips that will be very useful.

Prioritize areas under regeneration

Freshly regenerated areas offer affordable property with the possibility of gaining value fast.  Council neighborhood upgrades, new and expanded transport hubs are some of the factors that pull people into previously overlooked neighborhoods. Look at different local councils’ plans for regeneration and map out potential hotspots.

Give preference to flats

Flats are more flexible as buy-to-let investments. The fact is that with good planning, you can convert a flat into a flatshare with higher rental income than a townhouse. Real estate experts opine that the two-bedroom two-bathroom flat is the hottest buy-to-let property in the market.

Property to add value

Look for low priced property where you can add value with additional features or conversions. This will earn you higher rental income once the value is added, for example, a spacious flat above a shop can be added value with a loft conversion.

Go for property auctions

Keeping clear off estate agent listed properties is a smart choice. This is because there is higher competition for this property from buyers who may be buying the property as a home, and are ready to commit more money out of emotions. The agent will also push the price up for his commission. Auction properties offer better prices.

Consider your target market

Your tenants will largely be drawn to your property in consideration to the lifestyle options and amenities in the area. If you are targeting young professionals, you need to be in an area with an easy commute, several bars, shops, and gyms. Compare your target market and the area.

Beware of the costs and the yield

If you are buying the property on financing, consider the costs of servicing the loan. There are other general expenses for the property including levies and taxes. There will also be management and collection fees. A quick assessment would be to see whether the property will be yielding over 10%. Ensure that the gross is enough to cover your expenses lest you are stressed to pour in more cash in the investment.

28 Nov

How to Sell Fast in Any Real Estate Market

Real estate deals sometimes do not move as fast as one wants for different reasons. But savvy real estate agents have mastered a few tricks to sell fast even in slow markets. How does one go about selling a house that is not receiving as many views as expected?

Spruce up the curb appeal

First impressions matter. What do potential buyers see from afar? Improving curb appeal does not have to cost a lot. Accumulated dust can be power washed. Apply a new coat of paint on the door and window ledges, and whitewash the yard fence. Mow the lawn and engage a professional landscaper to groom the lawn. Weed the driveway.

The curb appeal draws potential buyers in, so work on the inside too to make a complete impression. Hire a professional interior decorator to discuss staging the house. Buyers will be willing to purchase a property that does not require much work to put into the desired shape.

Do the necessary repairs and a few upgrades

The necessary repairs should not be ignored. This is because the typical buyer will only want to make a purchase offer after a report from a house inspector. An untreated termite infestation, for example, will be a turn off for any buyer. Other warning signs include a leaking roof or an outdated electrical wiring.

A few upgrades should be done only where necessary. This could be rusted faucets, faded doorknobs, and outdated bulb designs. Major remodeling is not advisable because buyers are not often willing to match the price of the remodel. A kitchen remodel that costs $20,000 does not necessarily translate into a price bump by $20,000.

Competitive pricing

A competitive price will catch the attention of your target market faster. Pricing too low misses out on good money while pricing too high will turn off many potential buyers. Doing a good comparative analysis is an advisable so that the property can match other like properties on the market.

Hire a real estate agent/broker

A real estate broker knows the market better than the ordinary home seller. While selling a home without a real estate agent can save money in the form of the agent’s commission, the fact is that an agent will usually sell faster because he has the market connections.

Hire a good photographer

Just as curb appeal pulls in passers-by, attractive advert images make a good impression on people browsing homes for sale. Hire a good photographer to take a few high definition photos and images of the property, which are sure to catch the eye.