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4 Dec

Best End of Tenancy Cleaning London

One of the conditions of renting someone’s premises to live in is that at the end of the tenancy, you clean it out. While this condition is clearly stipulated in the occupancy agreement, it is the root cause of most tenant deposit disputes. The Deposit Protection Scheme in London has records to show that over 55% of such disputes are due to improper cleaning at the end of a tenancy. If you are keen on getting back your deposit money, you must pay attention to this aspect of your agreement and there are ways of going about it;

Do it yourself

This is the cheaper alternative; at least that is what tenants believe. For those who prefer this route, the trick is to start early, even before you have the plan to move out. Regularly cleaning out the key areas of the house will save you time and need for special attention when your deposit hangs on the line. If you never thought of doing this early than when the need arises, there is no need to panic; divide your house into sections and slot a day or two to go over cleaning in that space. Obviously, this will only be possible if you have the time or a supportive network of family and friends. When doing it yourself, list every item you found in the house including the fittings and fixtures. While the checklist might appear long, in the beginning, it will save you a pretty penny where your deposit is concerned.

Professional cleaning services

This is the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning London alternative and widely used by property owners on a contract basis. If your deposit is way above what you would use to hire a professional cleaning service, you will not only save time but also have years of the end of tenancy cleaning at your disposal. Some professional cleaners offer packages based on owner involvement, number of cleaners used and size of the property. Conduct a research on the best package before hiring and focus on areas that directly touch on the terms of the tenancy agreement.

There is no exception to leaving a rental property uncleaned unless it is part of the agreement between the owner and yourself. To best ensure that you hold up your side of the bargain, take and keep photos of the conditions you found and left. Sometimes your conscious is all you need to decide if your clean is good enough for the owner.