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25 Nov

What are the Tops Apps for a Small Real Estate Business?

Technology has handed much leverage to small businesses in almost all industries, real estate included. Small and new real estate businesses can use intuitive technology to compete with bigger budget businesses. What are the top apps for real estate agents and brokers?


This is widely used app in the North American real estate market. Zillow is a comprehensive property search property with very insightful features like the real estate outlook of a particular area, and property estimates.

Real Scout

With famous users such as Berkshire Hathaway, this app is very promising for lead generation. You can set up to 400 criteria to narrow down the property needed very precisely. This app scours new MLS listings and sends these leads to a realtors email inbox.

Google Maps

Over 60% of potential customers will first do a search on Google. The giant search engine allows placement of Google map location on a property using embedded code. This way, potential customers can quickly find the property using a smartphone.


Not all potential customers are able to attend an Open House. This app allows a realtor to make a 3D tour of a video. This is more so for customers buying high end properties from a distant location. This app works with a Matterport camera, which can be hired from a professional photographer.

Mortgage calculator

Embedding a mortgage calculator on a realtor website helps quicken a potential buyer’s decision making. A good calculator should have parameters broad enough to give accurate monthly or bi-monthly mortgage payments, and the future payoff date.


There is a lot of paperwork that requires signatures in a real estate transaction. Docusign is an electronic signature app. It is also a transaction management platform. It helps track all documents necessary in a real estate transaction so that a realtor finds many advanced processed quite hands-off.

Cloud CMA

CMA stands for Comparative Market Analysis. This is showing a client how a property’s value compares to other properties in the neighborhood and nearby regions. This information will be demanded by almost all potential buyers. Cloud CMA allows a realtor to do a CMA and send it direct to a potential client, complete with a headshot and logo for better brand awareness.

Area Pulse

An Area’s market data goes hand-in-hand with the comparative market analysis. This app generates and sends this data in a highly detailed format to potential customers.

Home value leads

This is a seller lead generation app that can be used by an agent as a customized value estimator with the output good for posting on Facebook Ads.